CLASSIC hybrid

made for Tommy Ganci (the Wailors) feat. a piezo bridge, mono / stereo
CLASSIC thinline Budda

flattop, chambered, mahagony body and neck, rio fretboard,
pentagon inlays, PAF testpair
CLASSIC Abalony  3 Humbuckers

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I once had an original 67th SG Custom with 3 humbuckers for a repair. The customer said the toggle switch could  possibly be broken
because the guitar sound in central position was very thin and without achievement. 3HB guitars always reminded me of "3 balls in the bag". There wasn´t really any sound improvment inspite of the extra pickup. After examination of the electrical connection and the pickups I saw that the middle pickup (magnet polarity north instead of south ) was firmly phaserotated. Maybe they did a sloppy job at that time I thought. So I took  the middle pickup apart , turned the magnet and: ...! Suddenly it sounded great in the central position ( bridge and middle-pickup together ). Later I heard that 3PU Gibsons were generally switched into out-of-phase in the central position . Why?!?  It´s a mystery to me, this sound is not really up to scratch.  

Recently a customer ordered this CLASSIC with a Bigsby and 3 humbuckers and I developed a circuit based on my "TheBrain" circuit :  the middle position is new, where bridge and middle-pickups are on. This new sound is  genuinely unique. I was knocked out by the split-sounds in connection with the Twang control: pure stratsounds like the famous position 2 of the stratswitch. All in all I am fully convinced of 3 humbuckers now. Actually the complete sound spectrum of the most usual guitars can be reproduced easyly. Plus many unique sounds like the "Garbage-can" tone. There  is no need for a big guitar collection for different sounds anymore. Of course all Sounds are based on the construction of the CLASSIC, which are consciously designed for high resonance and fast response. The neck is very slim and fast shaped, carbon reinforced, stable and sounds like a thicker neck with "Baseball Bat" profile. Because of the ultrathin nitrolaquer the wood can vibrate freely.  I use exclusive old air-dried tonewoods.

CLASSIC standard

CLASSIC stereo

feat. a piezo bridge, mono / stereo, lefthand
The Making of a CLASSIC Abalony 3 HB (slideshow)
some more examples