Photo by Thorsten Hilse
made for Ingo Powitzer.  It might look harmless but there is a monster hidden inside.
This STRATO does it all, pure vintage singlecoil sounds - plus real Musclebucker at the Bridge
and PAF sounds at the neck. And in pos. 3 of the switch you get a TELE sound (bridge and neck singlecoil)
It´s possible by the use of my patent pickupsClick on the picture to supersize
set-neck  STRATO
made for Ingo Powitzer (Scorpions guitar tech). Body and the neck are made of spanish ceder
plus a 12mm maple top, ebony fretboard, Musclebucker.
Click on the picture to supersize

Alder body, maple neck, rosewood fretboard, Wikinson vintage Tremolo,
click on the picture to supersize
finish with glitter flakes, LasVegas style
STRATO quilt 7/8
body made of spanish ceder with a carved quilted maple top, 2 patent pickups
looks like a lefthand ?  Well, it´s not, have a close look.
Completly airbrushed, scalloped fretboard, patent bridge pickup
made for Norbert Kujus. body spanish ceder, carved flamed maple top, maple neck, rosewood fretboard
you can listen to Norbert playing this guitar here
STRATO FloydRose
made in 1991, body mahagony, neck maple with a rosewood fretboard.
note the bindings, they follow the contours. Click on the picture to supersize.
STRATO FloydRose all black
made 1991, body mahagony, neck maple, ebony fretboard.
Perloid bindings.
STRATO swampash
Wilkinson vintage tremolo, I like it a lot.
combined with a GraphTech Trem-nut and locking machines, vintage action but stays in tune.
salmon STRATO
early eighties, mahagony body
early eighties, unusual engraved metal pickguard, mahagony body
STRATO custom
Swamp ash body, maple neck, unusual customer´s design headstock, bindings, ABM tremolo
first STRATO
the first STRATO I ever made in 1981. Body mahagony, maple neck, rosewood fretboard,
true tune tremolo
STRATO sunburst
owned by Ralf Jung, feat. Patent pickup
Roland Grapow and his STRATO
This Strato feat. the fattest neck I ever made, a real baseball rack plus extra-super jumbo frets
there is an interview with Roland about his guitars on his homepage, click here
More examples