As making full-acoustic archtops is my passion I was always looking for the right
floating pickup.  I love the DeArmond Mod.1000 but unfortunatly itīs out of production
since many years and also not well-balanced for todays strings, plus they hum.
 Iīve got every single floating pickup there is on the market in my drawer.
Donīt like any of them, also most are too thick to fit to many archtops. So I had to come up with a new pickup.
The Jazzbucker is the result of years of development. It now can reproduce a typical full and deep
PAF sound plus by the flick of a mini switch, that beloved "DeArmond" sound - and itīs still
humbucking (remember, the DeArmand Mod.1000 is a singlecoil pickup).
And it is just 8,5mm high (fits also early L-5 and Super 400 etc.)
The polepiece magnets are lightly pressed in and can be adjusted by the use of a well fitting screwdriver.
The JAZZBUCKER comes pre-adjusted for wound G-strings and a side-thongue with a screw for mounting
at the pickguard.
On request also available with a bracket, if you already have holes under the fretboard.
On request available completely soldered together with a mini vol and tone control with small buttons
plus a sideways mini switch (PAF / DeArmond sound) and a socket.
The "DeArmond" sound is an old Bill Lawrence trick: one of the coils goes trough a condenser to ground.
So this coil works just in the bass frequencies. The result: attack of a singlecoil, but full bass and no loss
of volume. And the best of all - itīs still humbucking.
For those who prefer an oldtime more acoustic gypsy sound I recommend to use just one coil (singlecoil),
the pickup will still have enough output. If you like the option of having all 3 sounds just use a simple
3-way switch (on-off-on) instead of a 2-way (on-on). You can find wiring diagrams here.
Here I made a replacement pickguard for a pre-war Gibson made of
rare very-old-stock tortoise celluloid. All controls, the miniswith plus a socket
are fitted to the pickguard. So there are no extra holes needed and the old guitar stays
in perfect original condition.
Thats how flat everything is. No need to worry when you close your guitarcase
I used a piece of ebony to stabilize the Pickguard.
The JAZZBUCKER is available in nickel, chrome, gold, raw (unplated german silver, for that vintage look)
and black-chrome